There will be no RETURN once products are SOLD!


  1. Refunds on the grounds that the item does not fit a customer’s tastes will be rejected, as the product is already taste tested (Only applies to Dry-Aged products) and ensured it is palatable and safe for consumption.
  2. Refunds can only be made if the product does not match the order placed. ( eg. Wrong/Incorrect goods received. )
  3. Pre-ordered products (Dry-Aged products) deposit of RM50 is not refundable once the order placed.
  4. Shipping and deliveries are carried out through third party services. Madbeef Skewer(MB Torch Grilled 002999819-W) reserves the rights to reject the application for a refund if the goods turn up defective as a result of the courier’s services.
  5. Or you may contact us via the right corner button link for further assistance.

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